Parker Metal Treatment Indonesia (PMTI) was founded in 2002 and has been engaged in commissioned processing services that add value to metal parts mainly on motorcycles and automobiles, such as Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment.

These technologies contribute to the industry as an indispensable item for lengthening the longevity and weight saving of parts.

We will continue to strive for corporate efforts including human resources development as a professional in Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment processing, and we promise to offer and deliver the best for our customers.



Quality Policy & Company Motto :

“Mengutamakan Keselamatan, Melakukan kegiatan usaha yang berfokus kepada pelanggan, serta melakukan perbaikan untuk meningkatkan daya saing yang kompetitif, agar tidak kalah dari perusahaan yang lain.”

Prioritizing safety, conducting business activities focused on customers, and making improvement to increase competitiveness so as not to lose to other companies.


“Selamat, Nyaman, Mencapai Tujuan”

Safety, Comfortable, Achieving Goals


Company Profile :

Company Name : PT. Parker Metal Treatment Indonesia

Address : MM 2100 Industrial Town Blok KK-11, Cikarang Barat 17520 Bekasi Jawa Barat Indonesia

Business Content :

  • Isonite Process ( Tufftriding, Soft Nitriding, LCN/HNC-S )
  • Gas Soft Nitriding Process ( GSN/HNC-G )
  • Gas Carburizing, Quenching & Tempering Process ( HCQQT )
  • Quenching & Tempering Process ( HQT )
  • Phospating Process (Palfos M-1A, M5),(Ferricoat 7,Palbond),(Palcoat CT3700), (Passivate)
  • Lubricant Process ( Defric Coating & Xylan Coating )

Commissioner :

  • Satomi Kazuichi (President Commissioner)
  • H. Abdullah T. Gobel (Deputy Commissioner)

Directors :

  • Yamada Ryouichi (President Director)
  • Matsubara Hideki (Technical Director)
  • Notsu Hibiki (Production Director)
  • Tsutsumi Shoji (Sales Director)

Shareholders :